Updated 3/15/16
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Disclosure Policy Page for Server StorageIO and UnlimitedIO

Server StorageIO and UnlimitedIO LLC (aka StorageIO) is in the business of providing IT advisory, analysis, technology or market research, knowledge transfer education, consulting and evaluation among other services to the worldwide IT community and as such has worked with a diverse audience base directly and via third parties.

StorageIO policy is such that all confidential material including Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) items will be treated as such between itself and disclosing parties. StorageIO policy is also that branded or named content including white papers, custom research, solution briefs, podcasts, videos, webcast and the like that have been specifically commissioned by a vendor (directly or via third party) will include a disclosure statement. Disclosures statements include however are not limited to examples such as "Compliments of", "Courtesy of", "Sponsored by", and "Brought to you by" among others. Note that StorageIO also from time to time engages with third parties who produce events or venues to deliver or present content and as such relies on those venues or third parties to applicably disclose who their sponsors are.

All views, perspectives and opinions expressed in StorageIO blog post, twitter tweet, article, webcast, video, podcast, seminar, presentation, research report, white paper or solution brief are indented to be those of the author of the content and do not necessarily reflect the view of StorageIO clients (past, present or future), third parties or their sponsors. Further, StorageIO as a standard practice terms and conditions retains Copyright and editorial tone control of said content or works.

StorageIO bloggers or twitterers do not and will not engage in any form of paid-for blogging or tweeting activity and where applicable will make proper relevant disclosures. In addition, StorageIO bloggers also participate in the Blogging with Integrity program and encourage others to do the same. Learn more at http://www.blogwithintegrity.com.

Blog with Integrity

StorageIO branded and redistributed content must contain a (C) Copyright indicating StorageIO ownership along with attribution to other applicable works. StorageIO also grants usage of copyrighted material to third parties which should clearly state StorageIO copyright and/or "Reprinted or distributed under license from StorageIO". For clarification of older content that may lack above disclosure, please contact [email protected]

StorageIO utilizes from time to time third party production assistance services (copy editing, proofing, and layout). StorageIO DOES NOT utilize Ghost Writers or third parties for generating content on behalf of named authors. StorageIO policy is that whoever generates the content (author) will be named along with any contributors clearly identified on the document, tweet, blog post or content along with any applicable citations or attributions. In situations where collaborative works occur, StorageIO policy is that those authors, individuals or organizations be named in the document for their contributions to the works in the interest of transparency and disclosure of authenticity and originality.

Please direct all inquiries regarding disclosure, copyright and content usage questions to [email protected] Should we make a significant change to our disclosure policy, we will place a prominent notice on our web site. Direct all inquires regarding disclosure, copyright or other content usage questions to [email protected]

For information about StorageIO privacy policy click here.