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In addition to advisory along with custom research or consultancy activities, StorageIO periodically publishes industry trends perspectives reports, white papers as well as solution briefs. These free resources are in addition to regular blog postings, twitter tweets, articles, tips, FAQs, videos, pod casts, webinars along with in person speaking and keynote events around the world. View press mentions, perspectives, quotes, comments and interviews pertaining to industry news activity at the Server and StorageIO news page. This page contains various documents including handouts and presentations from speaking events available for download some of which may be password protected. Note that some of these items may be password protected. Learn more about Greg's books The Green and Virtual Data Center and Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking (both via CRC/Taylor Francis and Intel Recommended Reading) along with Resilient Storage Networks (SNIA Education endorsed reading) at Amazon.com among other global venues.

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Event/Venue Down Load Material/Content Date
MSP CMG Flash back to reality – Myths and Realities
Flash and SSD Industry trends perspectives plus benchmarking tips
Sep. 25 2014
SNIA DSI SNIA DSI 2014 Keynote: Enabling Data Infrastructure Return On Innovation – The Other ROI April 23, 2014
SNIA DSI SNIA DSI 2014 Industry Trends and Perspectives April 22, 2014
SNIA DSI SNIA DSI 2014 The Cloud Hybrid “Homerun” – Life Beyond The Hype April 22, 2014
BrightTalk Various recorded webinars and PDF downloads Various
Computex Key Note - Data Center and Data Infrastructure Transformation Mar 27, 2014
Century College Industry Trends and Perspectives Feb 24, 2014
BrightTalk Storage I/O and networking decisions for cloud environments Sep 18, 2013


SNW Spring 2013 - Data Footprint Reduction (DFR) and Dedupe March 29, 2013


SNW Spring 2013 - Metrics that Matter for Data Protection and Data Management March 29, 2013


SNW Spring 2013 - Data Protection Modernization March 29, 2013


Cloud & object storage primer and trends February 2013


Modernizing Data Protection Seminar (Quantum 18 city series)
Cloud, Virtualization, Big and Little Data, Backup, Archive, BC & DR
New Realities and Future Proofing IT

June-December 2012


Seminars from November 2012 - Contact Brouwer Storage Consultancy November 2012


StorageExpo Holland - SSD is in your future: When, where & with what November 2012


StorageExpo Holland - Cloud, Virtualization, Big Data & Storage Trends November 2012

Almere Netherlands

Cloud, Virtualization and Storage Networking Trends May 10, 2012
Compliments of LSI SAS SANs for Dummies (Free Book - Registration Required) May 2012


Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking (Seminar notes and URLs) May 7 & 8, 2012
SNW Seminar Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking (Presentation PDF Slides) April 2, 2012
Seminar Building Virtual Infrastructure Dell/Symantec seminar (Keynote PDF slides) Mar 6, 2012
CVDSN CVDSN (Book): Chapter 1 - Cloud primer Mar 31, 2012
CVDSN CVDSN (Book): Chapter 2 - Storage and Networking primer (SAN, NAS, Object) Mar 31, 2012
Dell Backup.U
Cloud, Virtualization and Data Storage Networking Book (CRC Taylor & Francis) - Chapter 5 - Data Protection: Backup/Restore and Business Continuance, Disaster Recovery (Sponsored by Dell Backup.U may require registration) Sep 10, 2013
CVDSN CVDSN (Book): Chapter 8 - Enabling Data Footprint Reduction: Storage Capacity Optimization Mar 31, 2012
MSP CMG Cloud and Virtual Storage Networking - Presentation Dec 1, 2011
CVDSN Don't be scared of clouds, be prepared - Presentation Aug 15, 2011
Compliments of St. Croix Solutions Virtualization, storage and the enterprise cloud March 15, 2011
Century College Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking Trends January 31, 2011
Century College The Green and Virtual Data Center April 28, 2010
Spring 2010
IT Cloud Infrastructure Topics - Don't be scared, look before you leap! March 26, 2010
Spring SNW Beyond Green-Wash - Power, Cooling, Floor-space, EHS (PCFE) Topics April 8, 2008
MSP CMG 2008 Key note talk from MSP CMG event: MSPCMG08.PDF February 21, 2008
CMG 2007 CMG_2007_Storage_Update December 6, 2007
MSP Area CMG "Storage Industry Trends and IT Infrastructure Resource Management (IRM)" May 3, 2007
MSP Area SNUG "Storage Virtualization Update" 10/10/06
StoragePlus "Tiering up your storage" 9/12/06
SNIA EUC Call "Making your storage network resilient" July 13, 2006


"Storage Industry Update"

March 2, 2006

MSP Area CMG "Server and I/O Perspectives - Issues and Industry Trends in a Virtual World" March 2, 2006
Fall Fun Snow sled fun 2011 (Video) Dec 30, 2011
For Fun (Video) Snow sled racing Mar 18, 2013
For Fun (Video) Playing Hockey on Ice covered driveway Mar 18, 2013
For Fun (Videos) Karen of Arcola videos Mar 18, 2013
For Fun (Videos) Dock yachting 2013 Apr 7, 2013

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