Updated 3/31/16
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Terms of Service Page for Server StorageIO and UnlimitedIO

StorageIO monitors usage of our web and blog sites (www.storageio.com, www.thegreenandvirtualdatacenter.com, www.storageioblog.com, and www.greendatastorage.com among others) including search terms, pages visited and documents viewed to help understand how the web site is being used and to support possible future enhancements.  StorageIO does not sell, share or rent any personal information about you that may be colleted while you visit our web sites. Information collected from our web site is not shared with 3rd parties and is retained for our exclusive use and held in strict confidence. From time to time, we conduct polls and surveys and identifying or personal information is held in strictest confidence.

For information about StorageIO disclosure policy click here.