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Winter 2010 Edition
Welcome to the winter 2010 edition of the Server and StorageIO (StorageIO) news letter. This inaugural edition of the StorageIO news letter coincides with our 5th year in business along with recent web site and blog enhancements.

In an age of social media including facebook, twitter, blogs and video, some might ask the question of why a news letter, after all, is that not old school or non social media? For those who are immersed into twitter, blogs, facebook, RSS feeds and other Web 2.0 means of communication, a traditional newsletter might not be in vogue.

However, realizing that there is still a large percentage of the population which also means a vast number of visitors and guest of StorageIO web sites and blogs or viewers of articles along with other content that do not use twitter, facebook, LinkedIn or RSS feeds, I realize that there is still a role for a newsletter.

Thus, it makes sense to bring info to those of you who prefer a traditional news letter format via email or other subscription, however this newsletter is available in HTML or PDF formats. You can access this news letter via various social media venues in addition to StorageIO web sites and subscriptions.

Enjoy this inaugural edition of the StorageIO newsletter, let me know your comments and feedback.

Also, a very big thank you to everyone who has helped make StorageIO a success!.

Cheers gs
Greg Schulz

News and Announcements
News: StorageIO ranked 21st of top 500 Tweeting IT analysts (across all IT related coverage areas)
News: StorageIO ranked 79 in top 400 IT Independent Blogs (across all IT areas)

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Book News and Reviews
In addition to contributing, collaborating and co-authoring on other projects, Greg Schulz is the author of two books "The Green and Virtual Data Center" (CRC) and "Resilient Storage Networks - Designing Flexible Scalable Data Infrastructures" (Elsevier).

Learn more about these books, what they are about, what is inside of them, reviews and commentary along with where to buy them.

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StorageIO In Commentary and in the News

StorageIO regularly provides commentary and industry trends perspectives to press media, journalist, writers and bloggers.

Energy Center: Closing the Green Gap
SearchStorage: iSCSI and Virtualization Tips
Processor: Watch out for Virtualization Sprawl
SearchStorage: Comments on Solarwinds Tek-Tools acquisition
EnterpriseStorageForum: Comments on continued tape evolution
SearchStorage: Comments on IOV, FCoE and converged networking
SearchStorage: Comments on Vendor alliances and IT stacks
SearchSMBStorage: RAID storage is alive and evolving
SearchStorage: Creating a data migration plan
SearchSMBStorage: EMC Iomega v.Clone for PC sync
Computerworld: Leveraging cloud and on-line backups
Channel Pro SMB: NAS vs. SAN for SMB Storage
Channel Pro SMB: Affordable SMB Storage Solutions
SearchStorage: What to buy a geek for the holidays, 2009 edition

Need support for your story, column or project? Contact us at [email protected] or via telephone at +1 651-275-1563 and indicate your timeline or deadline so that we can best facilitate your needs.

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Upcoming Events
The following are some of the upcoming events that StorageIO will be participating in. Visit the events page for a current list of activities and more information.

Mountain View, CA
Virtual Data Centers
Atlanta, GA
Server Virtualization
Boston, MA
Server Virtualization
New York City, NY
Server Virtualization
Irvine, CA
Server Virtualization
Minneapolis, MN
Cloud Storage
Reston, VA
Server Virtualization
Miami, FL
BC/DR/HA Topics
Virtual Tradeshow
Data Center Transformation

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Did You Know?
  • There is no such thing as a data or information recession!

  • DejaVu can indicate experience or something being evolutionary

  • Lack of DejaVu can indicate limited experience or possibly something being revolutionary

  • Fewer magnetic tapes are lost today than in the past

  • However more magnetic tapes are reported lost or stolen today than in the past

  • More data is stored today on magnetic tape than in history

  • Efficiency and optimization can mean boosting productivity or doing more work faster in addition to increasing utilization

  • Next wave of virtualization is life beyond consolidation

  • Data reduction (dedupe or compression) ratios focus on capacity optimization, data reduction rates focus on data movement including backup/restore
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Privacy Statement
Information privacy is important to us. StorageIO does not sell, share or rent any personal information about you that may be collected while you visit our web sites.

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