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Winter 2011 Edition (February 17, 2011)

Welcome to the 2011 winter edition of the Server and StorageIO Group (StorageIO) newsletter. For those who missed the fall 2010 edition, you can find it and other previous editions here. This StorageIO news letter packed full of links to various blog posts, videos, audio, interviews and commentary.

What I have been doing since the last news letter includes accumulating a long list of ideas for upcoming blog post, article, tips, webinars and other content. Recording some podcasts, web casts doing interviews and commentary along with a few articles here and there. Working with some new venues where if all comes together you should be seeing material or commentary appearing soon. Filling some dates for the 2011 out and about events and activities page.

Other activities have included research in several different areas as well as working with clients on various project activities, many of which that are NDA. Getting some recently finished content ready to appear on the main web site as well as in the blog and other venues. Attending vendor events and briefing sessions on solutions some of which are yet to be announced. Enjoying the cold and snowy winter as best as can be (see some videos here) while trying to avoid cold and flue season.

In addition to the above, I have been getting my new book which is titled Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking (CRC) wrapped up for a summer 2011 release. Im doing the project the old fashioned way which means writing it myself as opposed to using ghost writers along with a traditional publishing house (CRC, same as my last book) all of which takes a bit more time. For anyone who has done a project like this you know what is involved. For those who have not it includes research, writing, editing, working with editors and copyeditors, subject matter experts doing initial reviews, illustrations and page layouts, markups, more edits and proofs. Then there are the general project management activities along with marketing and rollout plans, companion presentation material working with the publisher and others.

Hope you are all doing well, look forward to sharing more with you soon, now it is time to get back to work. Enjoy this edition of the StorageIO newsletter and I look forward to your continued comments, feedback and discussions.

Cheers gs

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StorageIO Commentary and in the News

StorageIO regularly provides commentary and industry trends perspectives to press media, journalist, writers and bloggers.

Smallbusinesscomputing: 5 cheap and easy DR tips
eWeek: Awaken to SaaS potential
Edtechmagazine: Driving toward SSDs
Smallbusinesscomputing: 7 Storage trends
CIOupdate: Cloud computing caveats
Statetechmagazine: Boosting performance with SSD
Edtechmagazine: Dedupe & data footprint reduction (DFR)
Channelprosmb: Tape and SMB backups
StateTechMagazine: Green IT matters
Statetechmagazine: State goverenment Green IT
Fedtechmagazine: IT Energy management matters
EnterpriseStorageForum: EMC record breaking event
Serverwatch: Server trends for storage admins
GovTech: California Federated Datacenters
CIOupdate: Top 10 Cloud Computing Caveats
Serverwatch: Big Box Appliance Buyer's Guide
Serverwatch: 10 Server Hardware Highlights of 2010
SearchSMBStorage: Top tips for small business storage in 2010
SearchWindowServer: Making the move to SSD in a SAN/NAS
SearchStorage: Data storage trends 2011: Hot technologies
SearchStorageChannel: Compellent VARs give Dell a chance
SearchStorage: Dell buys SAN array vendor Compellent
SearchStorage: InfiniBand retains storage networking role
SearchITchannel: Expert storage VARs in high demand
EnterpriseITplanet: Survey: Mission Critical Virtualization Lags
SearchSMBstorage: Small business NAS systems
EnterpriseStorageForum: Oracle Says it Isn't Losing its Lustre
ITKE: Nirvanix CEO: We're the cloudiest of them all
SearchDataBackup: Quest buying BakBone

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Out and About Events Update

To see more out and about activities, visit my blog as well as the events page for a list of current, recent and upcoming activities.

8/31/2011 VMworld Las Vegas
5/10/2011 EMCworld Las Vegas
4/5/2011 SNW San Jose
3/16/2011 Keynote healthcare and virtualization Minnetonka MN
3/15/2011 Wildfire Grille Keynote: Virtualizaiton and enterprise clouds Eden Prairie, MN
2/10/2011 Speaker: Enabling SaaS On demand eSeminar
1/31/2011 century College Speaker: Cloud and SANs Mahtomedi MN
1/12/2011 Presenter - E2E SRA
Virtual event

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