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The Server and StorageIO Update newsletter - Summer (July and August) 2013

Welcome to the Summer 2013 (combined July and August) edition of the StorageIO Update (newsletter) containing trends perspectives on cloud, virtualization and data infrastructure topics.

This summer has been far from quiet on the merger and acquisitions (M&E) front with Western Digital (WD) continuing its buying spree including Stec among others. There is the HDS Mid Summer Storage and Converged Compute Enhancements and EMC Evolves Enterprise Data Protection with Enhancements (Part I and Part II). With VMworld just around the corner along with many other upcoming events, watch for more announcements to be covered in future editions and on StorageIOblog as we move into fall.

Speaking of the fall, in the events section below, check out the announcement for seminars to be held in Nijkerk Netherlands the week of September 30 through October 4th in conjunction with Brouwer Consultancy (learn more here).

Enjoy this edition of the StorageIO Update newsletter.

StorageIO Industry Trends and Perspectives Industry trends perspectives and commentary
What is being seen, heard and talked about while out and about

The following is a synopsis of some StorageIOblog posts, articles and comments in different venues pertaining to various industry trends, perspectives and related themes pertaining to clouds, virtualization, data and storage infrastructure topics among related themes.

Accessing storage via WiFi has been possible for many years, however some consumer and SMB storage systems including from Seagate, SanDisk and WD have wireless capabilities built right into the devices. This capability simplifies the need for a separate WiFi router or network, particular when traveling to enable streaming of videos and other content. Read some of my comments and perspectives in this SearchSMBStorage piece. Speaking of protecting personal and business documents, here is a piece in the Wall Street Journal with some comments. Over at ComputerWeekly you can read some of my perspectives pertaining to LTO, LTFS and related data protection storage topic. Meanwhile backup, recovery and growing capacity demands are talked talked about at SearchDataBackup.

How much storage performance do you want vs. need? I recently did a piece over at 21cit (Parsing the Need for Speed in Storage) and this StorageIOblog post ties into that article. After all, how much storage performance (IOPS, latency, bandwidth, transactions, videos, files, messages, pages or other activity per second/hour/day do you need vs. want?

Also over at 21cit you can read about storage tiering and tiered storage in this piece Tiered Storage Explained. Also check out the three part series on Storage, Server & I/O Metrics That Matter (read the 2nd and 3rd parts of there series Making Metrics Relevant and Finding Meaning in Metrics ). Also check out the companion post at StorageIOblog (Cloud, Virtual, Server, Storage I/O and other technology tiering). Lets not forget, Can we get a side of context with them IOPS and other storage metrics? Over at ComputerWeekly I have some additional comments and perspectives on storage I/O metrics and IOPS, along with data footprint reduction including Dedupe.

Speaking of Server and Storage IO, Memory, DRAM and nand flash, here are some related themes for solid state devices (SSD) including Can RAID extend nand flash SSD life along with Viking SATADIMM: Nand flash SATA SSD in DDR3 DIMM slot? Over at StateTechMagazine there are some more comments on all flash SSD storage arrays, while over at Searchsolidstatestorage there I have some perspectives on how to add solid state devices (SSD) to your storage system. Does all of this SSD conversation mean that the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is finally dead? Perhaps to some, however check out As the platters spin, HDD’s for cloud, virtual and traditional storage environments and Seagate provides proof of life: Enterprise HDD enhancements.

Did you happen to hear or read about the State of Oregon and their computer system problems? Actually they were tied to a storage system upgrade that you can read about here (Network Computing), and here (ITKE) along with my perspectives of IT Availability, it’s a shared responsibility and common sense theme. By the way, check out Non Disruptive Updates, Needs vs. Wants.

Over at Processor there are a series of articles that I provided perspectives, tips and recommendations on in including comments on Server refresh (virtual and physical) projects, adding new servers, backup and data protection (before and after problems arise), storage consolidation and space capacity optimization, boosting storage efficiency and effectiveness. There are also articles on choosing SSDs for your data center needs, planning your storage future and strategy. Also check out over at trouble shooting backup problems and preventive medicine for your servers.

In case you missed this, here is a post that I did about my experiences Upgrading Lenovo X1 Windows 7 with a Samsung 840 SSD that replaced my Samsung 830 (went from 256GB to 512GB). The Samsung 830 has a new role working in my VMware environment that is used for among other things doing various tests and workload simulations you can read about here.

Finally for fun, back in late June we had a nasty early morning storm that came through with hurricane like winds knocking down trees and power lines. Having planned ahead of time (business continuance or BC), I was one of the lucky ones in the Stillwater (Minneapolis/St. Paul) area who only had to rely on my generator for about 50 hours, others were not so lucky.

Check out this post which includes a video (image on right) of the radar showing the storm moving through the region. What's interesting is in the video (click on image to the right) do you see the stick like figure of a person (e.g. the storm) walking and pushing the weather to the east.

Thus how prepared are you for the unexpected? Don't be scared, be prepared!


summer storm videoClick on image to watch the video
Server and StorageIO seminars, conferences, web cats, events, activities StorageIO activities (out and about)
Seminars, symposium, conferences, webinars
Live in person and recorded recent and upcoming events

Announcing: Seminar Workshops for Storage & Data Infrastructure Professionals.

These seminars being hosted by Brouwer Storage Consultancy will again be held the week of September 30 through October 4th 2013 in the Netherlands with three different workshop sessions. These workshop seminar sessions include:

Session 1 (Two day - September 30 and October 1) - Modernizing Data Protection
Moving Beyond Backup/Restore (View abstract here)

Session 2 (One day - October 2) - Storage Industry Trends
What’s News, What’s The Buzz and Hype (View abstract here)

Session 3 (Two day - October 3 and 4 - Storage Decision Making
Acquisition, Deployment, Day to Day Management (View abstract here)

Contact Brouwer Consultancy to learn more and register for these events.

In addition to the above, the 2013 StorageIO calendar continues to evolve, here are some recent and upcoming activities.

October 3-4, 2013 Brouwer Storage Consultancy Presenting - Storage Decision Making Nijkerk Netherlands
October 2, 2013 Brouwer Storage Consultancy Presenting - Storage Industry Trends Nijkerk Netherlands
September 30, 2013 Brouwer Storage Consultancy Presenting - Data Protection Modernization Nijkerk Netherlands
September 19, 2013

MSP Region CMG

Presenting - Technolutionary (balancing the old with the new) Minneapolis, MN
August 26-28, 2013 VMworld VMworld - Contact StorageIO to arrange meetings and briefings San Francisco
August 28, 2013 VMworld VMworld - Book signing VMworld Book store

San Francisco
12:00-12:30PM PT

August 27, 2013 VMworld VMworld - Dell Booth # - Presenting Data Protection Trends

San Francisco
1:40-2:00PM PT

Click here to view other upcoming along with previous event activities. Watch for more 2013 events to be added soon to the StorageIO events calendar page. Topics include data protection modernization (backup/restore, HA, BC, DR, archive), data footprint reduction (archive, compression, dedupe), storage optimization, SSD, object storage, server and storage virtualization, big data, little data, cloud and object storage, performance and management trends among others.

Vendors, VAR's and event organizers, give us a call or send an email to discuss having us involved in your upcoming pod cast, web cast, virtual seminar, conference or other events.

See you in the fall (if not before then), Ok, nuff said (for now).

Cheers gs

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