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Summer 2011 Edition (July 27, 2011)

Welcome to the 2011 summer edition

of the Server and StorageIO Group (StorageIO) newsletter. For those who missed the spring 2011 edition, you can find it and other previous editions here. As with previous editions, this StorageIO news letter contains links to various blog posts, videos, audio, interviews and commentary on IT industry technologies trends and related topics.

The past few months have been busy with various projects, research, consulting, attending as well as presenting at different events in addition to covering industry activity. Check out recent blog posts shown below pertaining to various trends, perspectives and technology topics including IT clouds.

Speaking of IT Clouds, click on the image below to learn more about my new book (ISBN 9781439851739) Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking(CVDSN) with a theme of enabling your journey to efficient and effective information services delivery to be released in September 2011. You can pre order your copy now at, CRC Press and other global venues.
Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking

Hope you are doing well, look forward to sharing more with you soon as well as catching up at one of the many upcoming live in person or virtual events. Enjoy this edition of the StorageIO newsletter and I look forward to your continued comments and discussions.

Cheers gs

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StorageIO Commentary and in the News

StorageIO regularly provides commentary and industry trends perspectives to press media, journalist, writers and bloggers.

Readwriteweb: Choosing the rght Cloud Backup For SMBs
Searchsmbstorage: Cloud disaster recovery for SMBs?
Searchdatabackup: Laptop data protection: A headache with cures
CRN: Industry Catching On To Fibre Channel Over Ethernet
Searchservervirtualization: FCoE considerations for virtualization

Bizjournal: Visi spending $10M to expand data center
Searchstorage: Symmetrix upgrades
FCW: Micro servers, the other option virtual and clouds servers
Enterprisestorageforum: 6 big data implementations to watch Choosing a data migration tool
SearchSMBstorage: Removable media for SMBs
SearchDatabackup: Removable media caveats

Journalist, editors, media, writers and bloggers need support for your story, column or project? Contact us at [email protected] or via telephone at +1 651-275-1563 and indicate your timeline or deadline so that we can best facilitate your needs.

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Out and About Events Update

Several in person as well as some virtual events have been added to the 2011 StorageIO out and about events calendar. To see more out and about activities, visit my blog as well as the events page for a list of current, recent, upcoming as well as new activities to be announced.

11/10/11 Data Center Summit Los Angeles
11/8/11 Data Center Summit Seattle WA
11/3/11 Data Center Summit Denver CO
11/1/11 Data Center Summit Chicago IL
10/4-10/5 Storage Seminar Netherlands
9/22/11 Data Center Summit Minneapolis
Aug 31 VMworld VMworld Las Vegas
7/28/11 Data Center Summit Houston

Event organizers, give us a call or send an email to discuss having us involved in your upcoming pod cast, web cast, virtual seminar, conference or in person event.

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