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The Server and StorageIO spring 2012 News letter - May 21, 2012
Welcome to the spring 2012 edition of the Server and StorageIO Group (StorageIO) news letter. You can find previous editions of the StorageIO news letter here. This StorageIO news letter contains links to various blog posts, videos, audio, interviews and commentary on IT industry technologies trends and related topics.

Winter has come and gone and it has also been a very busy spring. I have been busy with various projects, research, advisory consulting assignments, attending as well as presenting at different events in addition to covering and commenting on industry activity.

Check out the recent and popular StorageIO blog posts below that include industry trends, perspectives and more on various topics, themes and technology announcements along with what I'm hearing and seeing while out and about..

Enjoy this edition of the StorageIO news letter, have a safe and happy holiday season and I look forward to touching base with you again soon.

Cheers gs

StorageIO Industry Trends and Perspectives

Industry trends perspectives and activity commentary

Thoughts and perspectives so far for spring 2012::
  • Big data is not BS, however there is plenty of marketing hype, FUD and confusion
  • Growing awareness around clouds and information privacy. In Europe there is concern over U.S. Patriot act and what that means for information privacy.
  • People and data are living longer while data life-cycles are also changing.
  • Tape marketers have woken up and started to spend or invest in their efforts which is resulting in more coverage. Check out to see how tape is coexisting and evolving with other technologies as part of tiered storage.
  • Industry adoption of SSD (that is talking about it) continues to increase as does customer deployments (actually using it).
  • Awareness around SSD program/erase (P/E) cycles or duty-cycle and wear/tear continues at the same time vendors are addressing flash endurance. Speaking of confidence in SSDs, I've recently installed a 240GB model in my primary laptop while using Hybrid Hard Disk Drives (HHDD) in my other systems.
  • 6Gb/s SAS continues to gain momentum as the both a server to storage interface, as well as for attaching SSD and HDDs to storage systems. In addition to to 6Gb/s, 2.5" Small Form Factor (SFF) SSD and HDDs also continue to gain momentum at both the high-end and entry level of server and storage solutions.
  • Speaking of SAS, 12Gb/s SAS devices are now appearing in the market for vendor qualifications to meet the need for speed.
  • I'm continuing to talk with people and hear of others who are using more than one hypervisor (e.g. tiered hypervisors) in their environments, a trend first mentioned here a couple of years ago. The objective is similar to that of tiered servers, tiered storage or networks which is flexibility, keeping options open and competition between vendors.
  • Continued growing awareness around virtualization life beyond consolidation themes where focus is on agility, flexibility vs. how many VMs per PM. Not everything can be consolidated in the same way, however many applications can be virtualized.
  • Realization that storage optimization is about time (performance), availability, space (capacity), energy and economics.
  • Charge back vs. show back, one involves an invoice, the other is about awareness and having insight into your environment.
  • Storage and IO Metrics matter, which ones are applicable depends on your needs and environment.
  • The best IO is the one that you do not have to do, the second best IO is one that can be resolved close to the application. Hence the importance and relevance of locality of reference. Read more here.
  • It is time to modernize data protection expanding focus to the source of problems vs. treating the symptoms including swapping out media. Find and fix the problems, remove complexity and cost.
  • Data footprint reduction (DFR) awareness continues to expand from down stream target based with dedupe to across all tiers of storage and data using different techniques. These techniques include Archive, real-time compression, dedupe, thin provisioning and storage tiering among others. This also means using different metrics such as rates as well as ratios.

Watch for more on these and other related topics and themes in the weeks and months to come.

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Books added to Intel Recommend Reading List

Both "Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking" (CRC Press) and "The Green and Virtual Data Center" (CRC Press) have been added to the Intel Recommended Reading List for developers.
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StorageIO Commentary and in the news
StorageIO in the news, interviews and comments

StorageIO regularly provides commentary and industry trends perspectives to press, media, journalist, writers and bloggers.

Internetevolution: The Hybridization of IT
ChannelProSMB: Hybrid Hard Disk Drives (HHDD)
SearchSolidStateStorage: Comments SSD marketplace
Infostor: Comments on storage and IO metrics and benchmarks
InfoStor: Comments storage appliances
Biztech: Comments cable management
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InfoStor: Comments on cloud backup solutions
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StorageIO Industry Trends and Perspectives

Industry Trends and Perspectives Polls and surveys

The following are a collection of on-going industry trends and perspectives poll's pertaining to server, storage, IO, networking, cloud, virtualization, data protection (backup, archive, BC and DR) among other related themes and topics. In addition to those listed below, check out the comments section where additional poll's are added over time.

Here is a link to a poll as a follow-up to a recent blog post Are large storage arrays dead at the hands of SSD? (also check these posts pertaining to storage arrays and SSD and flash SSD's emerging role).

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Poll: Who are you?
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Note: Feel free to share, use and make reference to the above poll's and their results however please remember to attribute the source.

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