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Volume 15, Issue V & VI

Hello and welcome to this joint May and June 2015 Server StorageIO update newsletter. Here in the northern hemisphere its summer which means holiday vacations among other things.

There has been a lot going on this spring and so far this summer with more in the wings. Summer can also be a time to get caught up on some things, preparing for others while hopefully being able to enjoy some time off as well.

In terms of what have I been working on (or with)? Clouds (OpenStack, vCloud Air, AWS, Azure, GCS among others), virtual and containers, flash SSD devices (drives, cards), software defining, content servers, NVMe, databases, data protection items, servers, cache and micro-tiering among other things.

Speaking of getting caught up, back in early May among many other conferences (Cisco, Docker, HP, IBM, OpenStack, Red Hat and many other events) was EMCworld. EMC covered my hotel and registration costs to attend the event in Las Vegas (thanks EMC, that's a disclosure btw ;). View a summary StorageIOblog post covering EMCworld 2015 here along with recent EMC announcements including Acquisition of cloud services vendor Virtustream for $1.2B, and ECS 2.0.

Server and Storage I/O Wrappings

This months newsletter has a focus on software and storage wrappings, that is, how your storage or software is packaged, delivered or deployed. For example traditional physical storage systems, software defined storage as shrink-wrap or download, tin-wrapped software as an appliance, virtual wrapped such as a virtual storage appliance or cloud wrapped among others.

OpenStack software defined cloud

OpenStack (both the organization, community, event and software) continue to gain momentum. The latest release known as Kilo (more Kilo info here) was released in early April followed by the OpenStack summit in May.

Some of you might be more involved with OpenStack vs. others, perhaps having already deployed into your production environment. Perhaps you, like myself have OpenStack running in a lab for proof of concept, research, development or learning among other things.

You might even be using the services of a public cloud or managed service provider that is powered by OpenStack. On the other hand, you might be familiar with OpenStack from reading up on it, watching videos, listening to podcast's or attending events to figure out what it is, where it fits, as well as what can your organization use it for.

OpenStack overview

Drew Robb (@Robbdrew) has a good overview piece about OpenStack and storage over at Enterprise Storage Forum (here). OpenStack is a collection of tools or bundles for building private, hybrid and public clouds. These various open source projects within the OpenStack umbrella include compute (Nova) and virtual machine images (Glance). Other components include dashboard management (Horizon), security and identity control (Keystone), network (Neutron), object storage (Swift), block storage (Cinder) and file-based storage (Manila) among others.

It’s up to the user to decide which pieces you will add. For example, you can use Swift without having virtual machines and vice versa. Read Drew's complete article here.

Btw, if you missed it, not only has OpenStack added file support (e.g. Manila), Amazon Web Services (AWS) also recently added Elastic File Services (EFS) complementing there Elastic Block Services (EBS).

Focus on Storage Wrappings

Software exists and gets deployed in various places as shown in the following examples.

software wrapped storage

  • Cloud wrapped software - software that can be deployed in a cloud instance.
  • Container wrapped software - software deployed in a docker or other container
  • Firmware wrapped software - software that gets packaged and deployed as firmware in a server, storage, network device or adapter
  • Shrink wrapped software - software that can be downloaded and deployed where you want
  • Tin wrapped software - software that is packaged or bundled with hardware (e.g. tin) such as an appliance or storage system
  • Virtual wrapped software

server storage software wrapping

StorageIOblog posts

Data Protection Diaries
Modernizing Data Protection
Using new and old things in new ways

This is part of an ongoing series of posts that part of on data protection including archiving, backup/restore, business continuance (BC), business resiliency (BC), data footprint reduction (DFR), disaster recovery (DR), High Availability (HA) along with related themes, tools, technologies, techniques, trends and strategies.
world backup day (and test your restore) image licensed from Shutterstock by StorageIO

Data protection is a broad topic that spans from logical and physical security to HA, BC, BR, DR, archiving(including life beyond compliance) along with various tools, technologies, techniques. Key is aligning those to the needs of the business or organization for today’s as well as tomorrows requirements. Instead of doing things what has been done in the past that may have been based on what was known or possible due to technology capabilities, why not start using new and old things in new ways.

Let’s start using all the tools in the data protection toolbox regardless of if they are new or old, cloud, virtual, physical, software defined product or service in new ways while keeping the requirements of the business in focus. Read more from this post here.

In case you missed it:

View other recent as well as past blog posts here

In This Issue

  • Industry Trends Perspectives News
  • Commentary in the news
  • Tips and Articles
  • StorageIOblog posts
  • Events and Webinars
  • Recommended Reading List
  • StorageIOblog posts
  • Server StorageIO Lab reports
  • Resources and Links

  • Industry News and Activity

    Recent Industry news and activity

    AWS adds new M4 virtual machine instances
    Cisco provides FCoE proof of life
    Google new cloud storage pricing
    HP announces new data center services
    HDS announces new products & services
    IBM enhances storage portfolio
    IBTA announces RoCE initiative
    InfiniteIO announces network/cloud cache
    Intel buying FPGA specialist Altera
    NetApp - Changes CEO

    View other recent and upcoming events here

    StorageIO Commentary in the news

    StorageIO news (image licensed for use from Shutterstock by StorageIO)
    Recent Server StorageIO commentary and industry trends perspectives about news, activities and announcements.

    BizTechMagazine: Comments on how to simplify your data center with virtualization
    EnterpriseStorageForum: Comments on Open Stack and Clouds
    EnterpriseStorageForum: Comments on Top Ten Software Defined Storage Tips, Gotchas and Cautions
    EdTech: Comments on Harness Power with New Processors

    Processor: Comments on Protecting Your Servers & Networking equipment
    EdTech: Comments on Harness Power with New Processors
    Processor: Comments on Improve Remote Server Management including KVM
    CyberTrend: Comments on Software Defined Data Center and virtualization
    BizTechMagazine: Businesses Prepare as End-of-Life for Windows Server 2003 Nears
    InformationWeek: Top 10 sessions from Interop Las Vegas 2015
    CyberTrend: Comments on Software Defined Data Center and Virtualization

    View more trends comments here

    Vendors you may not heard of

    This is a new section starting in this issue where various new or existing vendors as well as service providers you may not have heard about will be listed.

    CloudHQ - Cloud management tools
    EMCcode Rex-Ray - Container management
    Enmotus FUZE - Flash leveraged micro tiering
    Rubrik - Data protection management
    Sureline - Data protection management
    Virtunet systems - VMware flash cache software
    InfiniteIO - Cloud and NAS cache appliance
    Servers Direct - Server and storage platforms

    Check out more vendors you may know, have heard of, or that are perhaps new on the Server StorageIO Industry Links page here. There are over 1,000 entries (and growing) vendors on the links page.

    StorageIO Tips and Articles

    So you have a new storage device or system. How will you test or find its performance? Check out this quick-read tip on storage benchmark and testing fundamentals over at BizTech.

    Check out these resources and links on server storage I/O performance and benchmarking tools. View more tips and articles here


    BrightTalk Webinar - June 23 2015 9AM PT
    Server Storage I/O Innovation v2.015: Protect Preserve & Serve Your Information

    Videos and Podcasts

    VMware vCloud Air Server StorageIO Lab Test Drive Ride along videos.

    Server StorageIO Lab vCloud test drive video part 1Server StorageIO Lab vCloud test drive video part 2
    VMware vCloud Air test drive videos Part I & II

    StorageIO podcasts are also available via Gregs StorageIO Podcast on Apple iTunes and at

    Various Industry Events


    VMworld August 30-September 3 2015

    Flash Memory Summit August 11-13

    Interop - April 29 2015 Las Vegas (Voted one of top ten sessions at Interop, more here)
    Smart Shopping for Your Storage Strategy

    View other recent and upcoming events here


    BrightTalk Webinar - June 23 2015 9AM PT
    Server Storage I/O Innovation v2.015: Protect Preserve & Serve Your Information

    From StorageIO Labs

    Research, Reviews and Reports

    VMware vCloud Air Test Drive
    VMware vCloud Air
    local and distributed NAS (NFS, CIFS, DFS) file data. Read more here.
    VMware vCloud Air

    VMware vCloud Air provides a platform similar to those just mentioned among others for your applications and their underlying resource needs (compute, memory, storage, networking) to be fulfilled. In addition, it should not be a surprise that VMware vCloud Air shares many common themes, philosophies and user experiences with the traditional on-premise based VMware solutions you might be familiar with.

    View other StorageIO lab review reports here

    Resources and Links

    Check out these useful links and pages:

    Enjoy this edition of the Server StorageIO update newsletter and watch for new tips, articles, StorageIO lab report reviews, blog posts, videos and podcasts along with in the news commentary appearing soon.

    Cheers gs

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