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The Server and StorageIO Update newsletter - March 2013

Welcome to the March 2013 edition of the StorageIO Update (newsletter) containing trends perspectives on cloud, virtualization and data infrastructure topics. In this edition we cover nand flash SSD, object storage, clouds including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Seagate shipping 2 billion Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), FCoE and convergence (technologies and people) along with other related themes.

If you happen to read this, then you are getting further than what happens with some press release or vendor announcement emails or newsletters that show up in the in-box. Like you, I get a lot of things in my in-box and looking for something to quickly tell me what it is, what it is about, who it is for or covering and why to keep reading.

Recently I did a blog post titled: Are your analyst, blogger, media or press requests being read? In that post I called out and gave praise (an Atta Girl) to somebody who nailed it. That is they got to the point, told me in a sentence or two what was being announced, who it was, when, applicable key words or buzzwords. Anyway, have a read here. With that theme in mind, look for continued enhancements to the StorageIO update (this news letter) in future editions. Btw, did you notice the synopsis of what's in this edition in the welcome above? ;)

StorageIO Industry Trends and Perspectives Industry trends perspectives and commentary
What is being seen, heard and talked about while out and about

Where did March go?

Is it just me or did you also think that March seemed to just fly right on by and into spring break, easter and spring?

Some of you may already be on spring break or traveling for the holidays, getting ready to travel or perhaps you will find this in your in-box when returning to work. So let me keep this edition brief and follow-up in April with some more material after SNW and other events.Here are some trends and perspectives commentary on various industry events:

  • Computerworld: Comments on new storage technologies for data deluge
  • Ubmfuturecities: Comments on data centers, energy and virtualization
  • TheVarGuy: Comments on big data for commercial environments including beyond analytics
  • Networkworkworld: Comments on big data, data protection, storage, clouds and virtualization
  • Networkcomputing: Comments on SSD/Hard Disk Hybrids Bridge Storage Divide
  • Looking for some reading? Here are a synopsis of some posts covering various industry trends, perspectives and related themes pertaining to clouds, virtualization, data and storage infrastructure topics:

  • Cloud conversations: AWS EBS Optimized Instances - Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced enhancements to its Enterprise Cloud Compute (EC2) and Elastic Block Storage (EBS) services to boost performance to provisioned IOP (fast) storage volumes. Read this and learn more about AWS, EC2, EBS, Simple Storage Services (S3), Storage Gateway, Glacier and more (think of it as a primer, tutorial or overview). Also check out the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) BMW Private Cloud Strategy - If you are not a member or aware of the ODCA, check them out as well as click on the link to read about the BMW groups private cloud strategy.

  • Speaking of cloud and object storage or data repositories, here is a new landing page where additional links will be added pertaining to these and other related topics. More on this in April. Welcome to the Object Storage IO page –

  • Where has the FCoE hype and FUD gone? (with poll) - Seems like just yesterday we were hearing, reading or seeing in different venues either the hype or FUD around Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), similar to what we heard a decade ago around iSCSI, and Fibre Channel (FC) before that. So what's up, where has the hype and fud gone, does FCoE still matter and it is maturing and the hypesters and fudsters moved onto other new software defined shiny new technologies?

  • A Pivotal or cloudy moment for EMC and VMware? - EMC and VMware launched a new initiative (company) around big data analytics, cloud and development platform tools. Some things keep going around, Seagate ships 2 Billion HDD’s - Despite being declared dead for decades, the spinning hard disk drive (HDD) keeps going around, around and around with more enhancements on the way. EMC extended their nand flash SSD portfolio: XtremIO, XtremSW and XtremSF EMC flash ssd portfolio redefined. After all, the question is not if SSD is in your future, its when, where, why, how and with what.

  • Pulling Together a Converged Team - Many discussions focus on technology convergence, however what about addressing the people, processes, policies and other aspects that often are barriers to adoption or deployment? People, Not Tech, Prevent IT Convergence - Speaking of barriers, does this sound familiar to your environment?
  • That leaves us with Don't Use New Technologies in Old Ways.

    Ok, nuff said, for now, see you in April

    Cheers gs

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    March 11, 2013
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    April 3, 2013
    Analyst Perspective: Metric that Matter
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    April 4, 2013
    Analyst Perspective: Time to Rethink Data Protection Including BC and DR
    Orlando FL
    10:30AM ET
    April 9-10
    Las Vegas NV
    May 6-8
    Las Vegas NV

    Watch for more 2013 events to be added soon to the StorageIO events calendar page. Topics include data protection modernization (backup/restore, HA, BC, DR, archive), data footprint reduction (archive, compression, dedupe), storage optimization, SSD, object storage, server and storage virtualization, big data, little data, cloud and object storage, performance and management trends among others.

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