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Volume 15, Issue VII

Hello and welcome to this July 2015 Server StorageIO update newsletter. Its mid summer here in the northern hemisphere which for many means vacations or holidays.

Content Solution Platforms

Thus this months newsletter has a focus on content solution platforms including hardware and software that get defined to support various applications. Content solutions span from video (4K, HD and legacy streaming, pre-/post-production and editing), audio, imaging (photo, seismic, energy, healthcare, etc.) to security surveillance (including Intelligent Video Surveillance [ISV] as well as Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance [ISR]).

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From StorageIO Labs

Research, Reviews and Reports

Servers Direct Content Platform
Servers Direct Content Solution Platform

An industry and customer trend is leveraging converged platforms based on multi-socket processors with dozens of cores and threads (logical processors) to support parallel or high-concurrent threaded content based applications.

Recently I had the opportunity by Servers Direct to get some hands-on test time with one of their 2U Content Solution platforms. In addition to big fast data, other content solution applications include: content distribution network (CDN) content caching, network function virtualization (NFV), software-defined network (SDN), cloud rich unstructured big fast media data, analytics and little data (e.g. SQL and NoSQL database, key-value stores, repositories and meta-data) among others.

Read more about content solution platforms including those Intel powered platforms from Servers Direct in this Server StorageIO Industry Trends Perspective solution brief here.

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Closing Comments

Enjoy this edition of the Server StorageIO update newsletter and watch for new tips, articles, StorageIO lab report reviews, blog posts, videos and podcast's along with in the news commentary appearing soon.

Cheers gs

Greg Schulz - @StorageIO

Microsoft MVP File System Storage
VMware vExpert

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  • StorageIO Commentary in the news

    StorageIO news (image licensed for use from Shutterstock by StorageIO)
    Recent Server StorageIO commentary and industry trends perspectives about news, activities and announcements.

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    StorageIO Tips and Articles

    A common question I am asked is, "What is the best storage technology?" My routine answer is, "It depends!" During my recent Interop Las Vegas session "Smart Shopping for Your Storage Strategy" I addressed this very question. Read more in my tip Selecting Storage: Start With Requirements over at Network Computing.

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    Various Industry Events

    Server Storage I/O Workshop Seminars
    Nijkerk Netherlands October 13-16 2015

    VMworld August 30-September 3 2015

    Flash Memory Summit August 11-13

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    BrightTalk Webinar - June 23 2015 9AM PT
    Server Storage I/O Innovation v2.015: Protect Preserve & Serve Your Information

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