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The Server and StorageIO Update newsletter - January 2013
Happy New Years 2013

Welcome to the January 2013 edition of the StorageIO Update (newsletter). You can find previous editions of the StorageIO Update newsletter on our web site (click here). Last year was a busy and successful one involving many different activities across various technology topic themes. 2013 marks out 8th year in business providing advisory consulting, custom research, speaking, content generation, blogging and analyst services to the IT/ICT industry communities.

With this issue of the StorageIO Update newsletter for those who received this via email (e.g. subscribers), you are reading a shortened streamlined version.

Enjoy this edition of the StorageIO Update newsletter and have a happy, prosperous 2013.

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StorageIO Industry Trends and Perspectives Industry trends perspectives and commentary
What is being seen, heard and talked about while out and about
Thanks for viewing StorageIO content and top 2012 viewed posts

Thanks for viewing StorageIO content and top 2012 viewed posts

2012 was a busy year (it was our 7th year in business) along with plenty of activity on as well as on the various syndicate and other sites that pickup our content feed (

Excluding traditional media venues, columns, articles, web casts and web site visits ( and StorageIO.TV), StorageIO generated content including posts and pod casts have reached over 50,000 views per month (and growing) across and our partner or syndicated sites. Including both public and private, there were about four dozen in-person events and activities not counting attending conferences or vendor briefing sessions, along with plenty of industry commentary. On the twitter front, plenty of activity there as well closing in on 7,000 followers.

Thank you to everyone who have visited the sites where you will find StorageIO generated content, along with industry trends and perspective comments, articles, tips, webinars, live in person events and other activities.

In terms of what was popular on the site, here are the top 20 viewed posts in alphabetical order.

Amazon cloud storage options enhanced with Glacier
Announcing SAS SANs for Dummies book, LSI edition
Are large storage arrays dead at the hands of SSD?
AWS (Amazon) storage gateway, first, second and third impressions
EMC VFCache respinning SSD and intelligent caching
Hard product vs. soft product
How much SSD do you need vs. want?
Oracle, Xsigo, VMware, Nicira, SDN and IOV: IO IO its off to work they go
Is SSD dead? No, however some vendors might be
IT and storage economics 101, supply and demand
More storage and IO metrics that matter
NAD recommends Oracle discontinue certain Exadata performance claims
New Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid drive (SSD and HDD)
PureSystems, something old, something new, something from big blue
Researchers and marketers dont agree on future of nand flash SSD
Should Everything Be Virtualized?
SSD, flash and DRAM, DejaVu or something new?
What is the best kind of IO? The one you do not have to do
Why FC and FCoE vendors get beat up over bandwidth?
Why SSD based arrays and storage appliances can be a good idea

Moving beyond the top twenty read posts on site, the list quickly expands to include more popular posts around clouds, virtualization and data protection modernization (backup/restore, HA, BC, DR, archiving), general IT/ICT industry trends and related themes.

I would like to thank the current site sponsors Solarwinds (management tools including response time monitoring for physical and virtual servers) and Veeam (VMware and Hyper-V virtual server backup and data protection management tools) for their support.

Thanks again to everyone for reading and following these and other posts as well as for your continued support, watch for more content on the above and other related and new topics or themes throughout 2013.

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Watch for more industry trends and perspectives commentary, articles and posts moving during 2013 along with those that you will find in this StorageIO Update news letter.

Server and StorageIO seminars, conferences, web cats, events, activities StorageIO activities (out and about)
Seminars, symposiums, conferences, webinars
Live in person and recorded recent and upcoming events

2012 saw a busy activities calendar and 2013 is shaping up to have plenty of activity as well. Watch for 2013 events to be added soon to the events calendar page. Topics include data protection modernization (backup/restore, HA, BC, DR, archive), data footprint reduction (archive, compression, dedupe), storage optimization, SSD, object storage, server and storage virtualization, big data, little data, cloud and object storage, performance and management trends among others.

Vendors and event organizers, give us a call or send an email to discuss having us involved in your upcoming pod cast, web cast, virtual seminar, conference or other in person event.

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Industry trends and perspectives blog posts articles
Top 50 must read fedtech blogs image Top 50 must read IT biztech blogs image vLaunchPad top 50 blogger

The StorageIOblog continues to grow in popularity measured in terms of reach (monthly visits and views), dozens of syndications (sites that pickup our free feed serving it to their viewers) and accolades including being named to both the BizTech and FedTech 50 must read IT blogs, as well as being named on the vLaunchPad top 50 blog lists. StorageIO industry trends and perspectives blog post articles are in addition to material that appear in popular trade press venues.

Material covered includes various technologies and themes pertaining to data infrastructures from server to storage, IO networking hardware and software management tools. For example database, cloud, virtualization, big data, SSD, storage and server performance, metrics, object storage, management tools, data protection (backup/restore, BC, HA, DR, archiving), SAN, NAS and object storage,among other related topics. In addition to commentary on various industry activity including mergers and acquisitions, various technology product announcements with analysis are also included.

Putting some VMware ESX storage tips together: (Part I)
Putting some VMware ESX storage tips together: (Part II)
EMC VMAX 10K, looks like high-end storage systems are still alive
EMC VMAX 10K, looks like high-end storage systems are still alive (Part II)
EMC VMAX 10K, looks like high-end storage systems are still alive (Part III)
Summary, EMC VMAX 10K, high-end storage systems stayin alive
Many faces of storage hypervisor, virtual storage or storage virtualization
Cloud conversation, Thanks Gartner for saying what has been said
Congratulations Imation and Nexsan, are there any independent storage vendors left?
Cloud conversations: Gaining cloud confidence from insights into AWS outages
Cloud conversations: Gaining cloud confidence from insights into AWS outages (Part II)
Are you using or considering implementation of a storage hypervisor?
The Human Face of Big Data, a Book Review

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