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The Server and StorageIO fall (December) 2011 News letter - December 20, 2011
Welcome to the fall (December) 2011 edition of the Server and StorageIO Group (StorageIO) news letter. You can find previous editions of the StorageIO news letter here. This StorageIO news letter contains links to various blog posts, videos, audio, interviews and commentary on IT industry technologies trends and related topics.

The past several months have been busy with various projects, research, attending as well as presenting at different events in addition to covering industry activity.

With the year winding down and 2012 preparations underway, the final 2011 news that recaps some things while setting the stage for others (see below). Check out the StorageIO Commentary and in the news section to the right in the next column discussing recent events. See recent StorageIOblog posts below covering recent activities and industry trends. Another 2011 activity was the release of my new book Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking in September (more on that in a bit).

Enjoy this edition of the StorageIO news letter, have a safe and happy holiday season and I look forward to touching base with you again soon.

Cheers gs

StorageIO Industry Trends and Perspectives

Industry trends perspectives and activity commentary

Thoughts and perspectives for 2012::
  • Addressing storage woes at the source
  • Big data & bandwidth meet big backup
  • Cloud confusion finds clarity on the horizon
  • Cloud and virtualization stack battles
  • Data protection modernization
  • End to End (E2E) management tools
  • FCoE & Fibre Channel continue to mature
  • Hard drive shortages drive revenues/profits
  • Metrics, measurements and management
  • NAS gains respect at both high and low end
  • Object storage resurfaces this time for cloud
  • QoS & SLA/SLOs part of cloud conversations
  • Clouds are a shared responsibility model
  • Return on innovation is the new ROI
  • Solid State Devices (SSD) confidence
  • Virtualization beyond consolidation
  • Will applications be ready to leverage cloud?
  • Zombie list grows (more items declared dead)

Watch for more on these and other topics in the weeks and months to come.

Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking

Enabling your journey to efficient and effective information services. Publisher: CRC Press - Taylor & Francis Group. ISBN-10: 1439851739 and ISBN-13: 978-1439851739. Hardcover and Kindle versions, 370 pages, over 100 illustrations figures and tables
Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking

Listen to Nekkid Tech (Episode #11) where host Greg Knieriemen bestows title of "The New Enterprise Tech Bible" on Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking. Read this announcing the formal release of Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking.

Here is a free PDF download of Chapter 1. Click here to go to the CRC Press site where you can order your copy using special discount code (30% off) KVK01 for catalog item K12375 (ISBN: 9781439851739). Order your copy from here.

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Popular and New Blog Posts

Post: SMB, SOHO and low end NAS features
Post: What do you love and loathe about storage
Post: Speeding up business with SSD storage
Post: Cloud, virtualization and storage conversations
Post: How to write, publish & promote a book or blog
Post: Do you know HDS or what it means?
Post: New Seagate Momentus XT HHDD
Post: IT and technology turkeys
Post: Congratulations IBM releasing XIV SPC results
Post: What Im hearing while out and about
Post: SNW Fall 2011 revisited, SNIA Emerald program
Post: Comments on Clouds, Green IT and other topics
Post: Blame game: Does cloud result in data loss?
Post: Trick or treat: 2011 IT Zombie technology poll
Post: Trick or treat: IT Frankenstacks
Post: Why VASA is important for your VMware CASA
Post: Practical Email optimization archiving strategies
Post: HDS buys BlueArc, any surprises here?
Post: Check out these top 50 IT blogs
Post: StorageIO going Dutch again (Seminar)
Post: Cloud and Virtual Data Storage Networking debut
Post: 2011 Summer momentus hybrid disk moment
Post: IT growth during economic uncertain times
Post: VMware vSphere v5 and Storage DRS
Post: Measuring Windows performance for VDI
Post: Getting SASy, the other shared storage option
Post: Industry trend: People and data living longer
Post: 2DRS data protection technology?

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StorageIO Commentary and in the news
StorageIO in the news, interviews and comments

StorageIO regularly provides commentary and industry trends perspectives to press, media, journalist, writers and bloggers.

ChannelProSMB: Hybrid Hard Disk Drives (HHDD)
ChannelProSMB: 2012 predictions and perspectives
ChannelProSMB: 2012 sneak peak preview and perspectives
ChannelProSMB: Comments on public vs. private cloud
ChannelProSMB: Green IT and certifications
CNN Money: Cloud and data protection for small business
Businesswire: 6Gb SAS and big data, clouds and virtualization
SearchServerVirtualization: What to get a geek for the holidays
Nekkid Tech: The New Enterprise Tech Bible
EnterpriseStorageForum: What pundits love & loathe about storage
EnterpriseStorageForum: Comments on Oracle storage systems
SearchSMBstorage: Solid State Devices (SSD) benefits
QAS: Data management and unified storage
How business can leverage unified storage
SearchCloudStorage: Private cloud storage topics
SearchStorage: Scale-up vs. scale-out network-attached storage
eWeekEurope: SNIA Releases Storage Power Efficiency Specs

SearchSMBstorage: What is thin provisioning and how does it work?
SearchSMBstorage: What type of server and storage for SMB
Searchservervirtualization: FCoE and virtualization

Searchdisasterrecovery: Disaster recovery in the cloud explained
Searchdatabackup: Backup in the cloud: Some wary, some on board
Searchstorage: Unified showdown: NetApp FAS vs. EMC VNX
SearchSMBstorage: Users say choosing SMB NAS a little easier
SearchSMBstorage: SMB NAS storage becoming enterprise like
Searchservervirtualization: Open Virtualization Alliance and VMware
Computerworld Storage tips from heavy-duty users
WWPI: SNIA Green Storage Initiative Emerald efficiency program
SearchSMBstorage: Thunderbolt storage not seen as an SMB staple
Searchvirtualstorage: FlexPod vs. Vblock: How IT stacks stack up
SearchDatabackup: Removable media caveats

Journalist, editors, media, writers and bloggers need support for your story, column, video, pod cast or project? Contact us at [email protected] or via telephone at +1 651-275-1563 and indicate your timeline or deadline so that we can best facilitate your needs.

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Server and StorageIO seminars, conferences, web cats, events, activities

SeminarsConferencesWeb casts
Events and

The 2011 activities calendar is winding down after a busy year out and about with over three dozen in person and virtual events covering different topics. Watch the events page as the 2012 schedule of in person and virtual events unfolds.

Event organizers, give us a call or send an email to discuss having us involved in your upcoming pod cast, web cast, virtual seminar, conference or other in person event.

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