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Fall 2010 Edition (November 10, 2010)

Welcome to the 2010 fall edition of the Server and StorageIO Group (StorageIO) newsletter. For those who missed the Summer 2010 wrap up edition, you can find it and other previous editions here. This is an abbreviated version of the StorageIO news letter however one that is packed full of links to various blog posts, interviews and commentary.

A quick update on my new book about IT clouds, virtualization and storage is that the project is progressing well with several chapters in various stages of development. The usual challenge with a book is determining what goes in and what ends up on the cutting room floor. Good news is that some of what does not make it into the finished book will make for blog posts and articles.

Enjoy this edition of the StorageIO newsletter and I look forward to your continued comments, feedback and discussions.

Cheers gs

Greg Schulz
Twitter @storageio

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StorageIO Commentary and in the News

StorageIO regularly provides commentary and industry trends perspectives to press media, journalist, writers and bloggers.

EnterpriseStorageForum: Comments on Vendors with Staying Power
Internetevolution: Comments on No Easy Fixes for App Development
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ITKE: Comments on IT twitter, linkedin and social media use
ITKE: Comments on Overland SNAPing up Maxiscale
Informationweek: Comments on Drobo SOHO/SMB NAS
Searchdatabackup: Comments on VTLs bright virtualization future
SearchCIO: Comments on Data Footprint Reduction (DFR)
SearchCIO: Comments on HA, BC, DR and server virtualization
ITKE: Comments on BC and DR:
EnterpriseStorageForum: Comments on reducing data storage costs
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SearchDisasterRecovery: Comments on choosing a BC/DR consultant
SearchDataBackup: Comments on Quantum refreshing dedupe tools
InfoStor: Comments on IBM V7000 and Storwize
Computerworld: Comments on Quantum boosting dedupe performance
Searchstorage: Comments on IBM V7000 and Storwize
Computerworld: Comments on reducing your data storage footprint
Computerworld: Comments on the politics of storage and archiving
EnterpriseStorageForum: Comments on Green Storage
SearchSMBStorage: Comments on RAID and Data Protection
StorageBizNews: Comments on Managing Storage in a Virtual World
SearchStorage: Comments on NAS and File Virtualization
SearchStorage: Comments on iSCSI SAN Storage
EnterpriseStorageForum: Comments on VMware Needs Storage
EnterpriseStorageForum: Comments on Top Takeaways from VMworld
SearchStorage: Comments on HP buying 3PAR and Dell next steps

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