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    Industry Activity Trends

    With VMworld coming up this week, rest assured, there will be plenty to talk about and discuss in the following weeks. However for now, here are a few things from this past month.

    At Flash Memory Summit (FMS) which is more of a component, vendor to vendor industry type event, there was buzz about analytics, however what was shown as analytics tended to be Iometer. Hmmm, more on that in a future post. However something else at FMS besides variations of Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) including SSD, NAND, Flash, Storage Class Memory (SCM) such as 3D XPoint (among its new marketing names) along with NVM Expres (NVMe) was NVMe over Fabric.

    This includes NVMe over RoCE (RDMA over Converged Ethernet) which can be implemented on some 10 Gb (and faster) Ethernet adapters as well as some InfiniBand adapters from Mellanox among others. Another variation is Fibre Channel NVMe (FC-NVMe) where the NVMe protocol command set is transported as a Upper Level Protocol (ULP) over FC. This is similar to how the SCSI command set is implemented on FC (e.g. SCSI_FCP or FCP) which means NVMe can be seen as a competing protocol to FCP (which it will or could be). Naturally not to be left out, some of the marketers have already started with Persistent Memory over Fabric among other variations of Non- Ephemeral Memory over Fabrics. More on NVM, NVMe and fabrics in future posts, commentary and newsletter.

    Some other buzzword topics regaining mention (or perhaps for the first time for some) includes FedRAMP, Authority To Operate (ATO) clouds for Government entities, and FISMA among others. Many service providers, cloud and hosting providers from large AWS and Azure to smaller Blackmesh have added FedRAMP and other options in addition to traditional, DevOps.

    Some of you may recall me mentioning ScaleMP in the past which is a technology for aggregating multiple compute servers including processors and memory into a converged resource pool. Think the opposite of a hypervisor that divides up resources to support consolidation. In other words, where you need to scale up without complexity of clustering or to avoid having to change and partition your software applications. In addition to ScaleMP, a newer hardware agnostic startup to check out is Tidal Scale.

    On the merger and acquisition front, the Dell / EMC deal is moving forward expected to close soon, perhaps by time or before you read this. In other news, HPE announced that it is buying SGI to gain access to a larger portion of the traditional legacy big data Super Compute and High Performance Compute (HPC) market. One of the SGI diamonds in the rough that if you are not aware, is DMF for data management. HPE and Dropbox also announced a partnership deal earlier this summer.

    That's all for now, time to pack my bags and off to Las Vegas for VMworld 2016.

    Ok, nuff said, for now...


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    StorageIO Webinars and Industry Events

    December 7: BrightTalk Webinar - Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Webinar 11AM PT

    November 23: BrightTalk Webinar - BCDR and Cloud Backup - Software Defined Data Infrastructures (SDDI) and Data Protection - 10AM PT

    November 23: BrightTalk Webinar - Cloud Storage - Hybrid and Software Defined Data Infrastructures (SDDI) - 9AM PT

    November 22: BrightTalk Webinar - Cloud Infrastructure - Hybrid and Software Defined Data Infrastructures (SDDI) - 10AM PT

    October 20: BrightTalk Webinar - Next-Gen Data Centers - Software Defined Data Infrastructures (SDDI) including Servers, Storage and Virtualizations - 9AM PT

    September 29: TBA Webinar - 10AM PT

    September 27-28 - NetApp - Las Vegas

    September 20: BrightTalk Webinar - Software Defined Data Infrastructures (SDDI) Enabling Software Defined Data Centers - Part of Software-Defined Storage summit - 8AM PT

    September 13: Redmond Webinar - Windows Server 2016 and Active Directory What's New and How to Plan for Migration - 11AM PT

    September 8: Redmond Webinar - Data Protection for Modern Microsoft Environments - 11AM PT

    August 29-31: VMworld Las Vegas

    August 25 - MSP CMG - The Answer is Software Defined - What was the question?

    August 16: BrightTalk Webinar Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC) are in your future (if not already) - Part of Enterprise Software and Infrastructure summit 8AM PT

    August 10-11 Flash Memory Summit (Panel discussion August 11th) - NVMe over Fabric

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