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The Server and StorageIO Update newsletter - April 2013

Welcome to the April 2013 edition of the StorageIO Update (newsletter) containing trends perspectives on cloud, virtualization and data infrastructure topics. This edition includes more on nand flash SSD, after all its not if, rather when, where, why, with what along with how much SSD is in your future. Also more on object storage, clouds, big data and little data, HDDs, SNW, backup/restore, HA, BC, DR and data protection along with data center topics and trends.

StorageIO Industry Trends and Perspectives Industry trends perspectives and commentary
What is being seen, heard and talked about while out and about

April has been a month of travel, getting caught up on various projects, while launching and working on others. Likewise there has been a lot going on in the industry with more to come in the next few months. Here are some of my comments, thoughts and perspectives that appear in various industry venues on topics from cloud, virtualization, software defined, storage, object storage, ssd, data protection, servers, data centers and more.

  • SearchStorage: Fusion-io buys NexGen Storage, adds hybrid arrays
  • Computerworld: New storage technologies for data deluge
  • Ubmfuturecities: Data centers, energy and virtualization
  • The Var Guy: Big data for commercial environments including beyond analytics
  • Networkworld: Big data, data protection, storage, clouds and virtualization
  • ComputerWeekly: Storage and I/O metrics including IOPS that matter
  • ComputerWeekly: LTO, LTFS and storage topics
  • StateTech Magazine: All flash SSD storage arrays
  • Enterprise Storage Forum: Public cloud storage buying
  • Edtech Magazine: Cloud and education ROI
  • Processor: Comments on boosting storage efficiency and effectiveness
  • Looking for some more reading or listening?

    Here are a synopsis of some posts and podcasts covering various industry trends, perspectives and related themes about clouds, virtualization, data and storage infrastructure topics:

  • Spring SNW 2013, Storage Networking World Recap - A couple of weeks ago I attended the spring 2013 Storage Networking World (SNW) in Orlando Florida. Talking with SNIA Chairman Wayne Adams and SNIA Director Leo Legar this was the 28th edition of the US SNW (two shows a year), plus the international ones. While I have not been to all 28 of the US SNWs, I have been to a couple of dozen SNWs in the US, Europe and Brazil going back to around 2001 as an attendee, main stage as well as breakout, and tutorial presenter (see here and here).

    Here are the three Spring 2013 SNW presentations:

    Analyst Perspective: Increase Your Return on Innovation (The New ROI) With Data Management and Dedupe
    There is no such thing as an information recession with more data to move, process and store, however there are economic challenges. It is time to move upstream finding and fixing things at the source to cut the downstream impact of expanding data footprints, enabling more to be done with what you have.

    Analyst Perspective: Metrics that Matter – Meritage of Data Management and Data Protection
    Not everything in the data center or information factory is the same. This session recaps and builds off the morning increase your ROI with data footprint and data management session while setting the stage for the rethinking data protection (backup, BC and DR including RTO, RPO, SLA, SLO). Also discussed performance capacity planning, forecasting analysis in cloud, virtual and physical environments.

    Analyst Perspective: Time to Rethink Data Protection Including BC and DR
    When it comes to today’s data centers and information factories including physical, virtual and cloud, everything is not the same, so why treat HA, BC, DR and data protection in general the same? Simply using new tools, technologies and techniques in the same old ways is no longer a viable option.

  • Conversation with Justin Stottlemyer of Shutterfly and object storage discussion - How do you manage 80PB of photos, files, bog and little data that continues to grow? Check out this (podcast) to hear how Shutterfly uses various technologies including object storage in a growing environment.

  • Dave Demming talking tech education from SNW Spring 2013 - Here is a podcast conversation with Storage and Networking educator Dave Demming of Solution Technology where we talk learning career enhancement along with Bruce Ravid (@Bruce Rave). Also check out SNIA’s new SPDEcon conference - SNIA has a new conference in June 2013, read and listen to more about it here. Speaking SNIA Spring 2013 update with Wayne Adams - While at SNW, Bruce Ravid (@BruceRave) and myself had a chance to get a few minutes of time with SNIA Chairman Wayne Adams for a SNIA and SNW update, listen in on the podcast here.

  • HP Moonshot 1500 software defined capable compute servers - Tying into the current IT industry software defined marketing buzz trend, HP announced a new line of micro server blades. Unlike traditional blades that focus on placing more sockets, cores and performance per blade, micro servers take the opposite approach. That approach is to cut costs, providing just enough processor or CPU, memory, IO and storage to meet various needs.

  • HDS Claus Mikkelsen talking storage from SNW Fall 2012 - Check this conversation with HDS Chief Scientist Claus Mikkelson from SNW Fall 2012 (with podcast).

  • Need some more reading, check these tips and articles out:
  • FedTech: The Right Storage Option Is Important for Big Data Success
  • Internet Evolution: Make Your Company Ready for the Cloud
  • EdTech: What to Consider for Tracking Assets with DCIM
  • 21cit: Big Data & the Boston Marathon Investigation
  • Datacenter Acceleration: Understanding IOs: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
  • Datacenter Acceleration: How to Win at Performance Whack-a-Mole

  • Speaking of cloud and object storage or data repositories, here is a new landing page with more links to be added soon pertaining to these and related topics. Welcome to the Object Storage IO page –

    Ok, nuff said, for now, see you in May

    Cheers gs

    Server and StorageIO seminars, conferences, web cats, events, activities StorageIO activities (out and about)
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    Following a busy 2012, the 2013 StorageIO activities calendar is taking shape, here are some recent and upcoming events.

    March 11, 2013
    5 Smart ways to improve VM backups
    April 3, 2013
    Analyst Perspective: Increase Your Return on Innovation (The New ROI) With Data Management and Dedupe
    Orlando FL
    10:30AM ET
    April 3, 2013
    Analyst Perspective: Metric that Matter
    Orlando FL
    5:00PM ET
    April 4, 2013
    Analyst Perspective: Time to Rethink Data Protection Including BC and DR
    Orlando FL
    10:30AM ET
    April 9-10
    Las Vegas NV
    April 24
    Tweet chat about SSD
    May 6-8
    Las Vegas NV
    June 10-11
    SNIA SPDEcon
    Sanata Clara, CA

    Watch for more 2013 events to be added soon to the StorageIO events calendar page. Topics include data protection modernization (backup/restore, HA, BC, DR, archive), data footprint reduction (archive, compression, dedupe), storage optimization, SSD, object storage, server and storage virtualization, big data, little data, cloud and object storage, performance and management trends among others.

    Vendors, VARs and event organizers, give us a call or send an email to discuss having us involved in your upcoming pod cast, web cast, virtual seminar, conference or other events.

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