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Did you know that StorageIO is involved with and has been doing hands on “real-world experience” testing, evaluations, test drives, audits, product and service validations, verification, reviews and proof of concepts (POC) for several years in addition to our other services? Did you know that StorageIO has done these hands-on real-world activities both in our own lab environment (physical and virtual) as well as in those of clients at scale, as well as in public cloud environments? Did you know that StorageIO has done these and other types of services across HDD, HHDD, SSHD, SSD, block, file (NAS), database, virtual, cloud, object storage and related solutions? These include physical, virtual and cloud basis as well as spanning data protection including backup/restore, archive, replication, BC and DR among other data infrastructure topics?

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The reason you may not know the above is that unless you read, see or hear about them on our StorageIO.com, StorageIO.tv, StorageIOblog.com or at an affiliate site, is that much of what we have done has been under NDA or on a confidential basis (e.g. what you don’t hear, see or read about in the trade press or blogs). These have involved organizations from small stealth startup to large established environments, hardware, software and related technologies or techniques. On the other hand, we do publish information from time to time when or where applicable, including what you can find here, here, here and here (watch for more).

Does this mean StorageIO is in the test lab for hire business?

Our primary focus is providing advisory services including consulting, analyst research, knowledge transfer and education along with technology evaluation including hands-on activity in our own as well as client labs. What this means is that while we have a lab environment, our business is not to keep the lab busy, rather leverage it with other resource tools as part of supporting our core activities and services.

Does this mean StorageIO only does NDA activities?

Simple answer is No. We also do commissioned (sponsored, underwritten, endowed, renumeration, honorarium, compensated or however you prefer to describe) works that you can see some examples here and here. For transparency you will also find on StorageIO content a disclosure statement per our policy if something is underwritten (sponsored). You can read our disclosure policy here.

On the other hand, if under NDA, common sense is you would not be reading or hearing about it!

Who has StorageIO done projects for?

Those projects that were NOT DONE under NDA can be found on our site or blog along with applicable transparency disclosures. While we cannot discuss those activities that are done under NDA, we can certainly discuss your specific needs and requirements along with identify how we can be of assistance for your project objectives (under NDA if that is your preference). In the meantime, visit StorageIO.com, StorageIO.tv, StorageIOblog.com and our partner affiliate venues to view various reviews, comments, perspectives and other content.

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Interested in learning more, give us a call or email to setup a conversation to discuss your needs, objectives and timeline. We would like to tell you more about those activities however; we simply cannot and will not discuss or disclose activities that are done under NDA and Whisper services basis.

Contact us to learn more about how our validation, lab, audit along with our other Whisper services can be a fit for your specific and custom needs. Click here to see a summary of the diverse skill-set and experience of StorageIO. Visit our portfolio including tips, articles, reports, commentary, webinars and StorageIO in the news along with events. Contact StorageIO at: [email protected] or 651-275-1563 to arrange a briefing to discuss your needs, requirements and how StorageIO can be of assistance to your storage and data infrastructure environment.

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